I have a ton of friends who tell me they “can’t cook” or that they wish they could “cook like” me. It always makes me laugh, because cooking isn’t a magic power, it’s doesn’t even require any real special skills; all it takes is a little heart, a little patience, and some practice. I didn’t start out making meals that required a ton of ingredients or skill sets, and still today I like to keep things pretty simple. 
We all make mistakes, cook bad meals, and even misread the directions. Twice. The key is get a good laugh about it, learn something from it, and keep trying (this is true for many aspects of life, not just in the kitchen). I see so many people get discouraged by failure, when instead you should use it as a building block. Failing doesn’t have to be the end, instead it can be a chance for a fresh beginning. 
Okay, I’ll get off my motivational soap box now. And for a good giggle, here’s a pic I snapped with my phone of some cupcakes I made last weekend. I was trying to make these, but instead (after misreading a recipe I typed myself) I ended up with these…

Beautiful, hu?! And even better, when I remade them I made the same mistake AGAIN, but realized it before baking them the second time. I’m happy to report, after making the batter for a THIRD time, they turned out amazing. You know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed.. try try again.. or throw in in the trash and order a pizza ;-).

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