So, lets talk about Nutella. I have been hearing about it for a couple years but I guess never really had a deep desire to try it, I finally broke down and bought some, but I think the jury is still out on it for me. I wasn’t crazy about it on toast (I would have to use wayyyy more then the healthy side of my brain would let me for it to taste how I would like it to), it was pretty good on pretzels, but I would probably like it best in an icing. I’m curious to know what is everyone else’s favorite way to eat/use it? I did find one fantastic way to use it though, and that was to sub it out for peanut butter in puppy chow.


Why did I make puppy chow you may ask, well that’s a funny story (if you need to potty you may want to do so before continuing), how do I even begin. I have dogs, I love my dogs, but sometimes they can be a handful. The older of the two is VERY outgoing, he loves people and playing and is a big ol goof. The younger is a total sweetie and mama’s girl, but does everything the older one does. Sometimessss my older dog plays escape artist and the younger one follows, they run around the neighborhood jumping in all the ponds before finally coming back. Well one fateful day last week, my sweet neighbor and her equally sweet (and very well behaved) dog were outside working on the yard. Well, it just so happens my lovely sweet neighbor’s contractor had JUST finished pouring a concrete pad when my dogs decided it was time they leave the backyard to come out front and play with everyone else. Only instead of running out front they ran straight through my neighbors open fence and RIGHT THROUGH the wet concrete pad. Yes. This is real life. You can only imagine my horror, luckily her contractor was able to return and fix it rather quickly, and she didn’t want to punch me in the face. So, as a little apology for my crazy puppies, I made her some puppy chow. I mean, who doesn’t love puppy chow. Moral of the story, make puppy chow and don’t get punched in the face.

(A pic of the offenders.. taken @ Christmas, the goof is on the left the baby on the right)

Nutella Puppychow   (Print Me)

9 cups rice chex mix (or chex of your choice)
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup Nutella
1/4 cup peanut butter or margarine
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cups (approximately) powdered sugar

Measure cereal into large bowl and set aside. In a double broiler or in a large microwavable bowl, melt chocolate chips, nutella and butter on low heat stirring frequently. Stir in the vanilla then pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated. Pour the coated cereal into 2 gallon food storage bag. Add the powdered sugar to the bag until it is evenly coated. Allow to cool and keep stored in airtight container or bag.

Source: side of the Chex box, or here

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