This is one of our favorite side dishes, it’s super easy to throw together and it is delicious! If you have never had orzo before it is a rice shaped pasta, it really makes a great side to any entree and there is so much you can do with it. The measurements for the garlic and cheese are very loose, so loose in fact I never measure them so it is very easy to adjust for your taste.  Make sure you use grated parmesan not the powder stuff for this recipe.. now enough chat, go make this!

Parmesan Garlic Orzo

Parmesan Garlic Orzo    (Print Me)

1 tbsp light butter
1 cup orzo
2 cups chicken broth
1 tsp minced garlic (to taste)
A few shakes of parsley
A few shakes of garlic powder

Grated Parmesan cheese (around 1/2 cup)

Heat butter and dry orzo in a pan over medium high heat until some of the pasta is toasted and turns golden. Pour in the broth and seasonings; cook on medium heat until most of the broth is absorbed then remove from the heat. Mix in the parmesan cheese and stir until smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

Adapted From:  Stephanie Cooks

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